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Jan 13, 2015
Phoenix, AZ
Hi everyone... I believe I have a bad battery in a new 2015 Leaf SV I got a couple weeks ago.

Was manufactured in Aug, I took delivery January.

I got LeafStat (iPhone) and the numbers are not good. I have been active on the post
" 2015: Battery Data Report @ 100% Charge " if you wanna see all the details, but, here is the rundown from Leaf Stat

at 269 Miles so far
GIDS: 268
kwh: 20.77
% SOC: 97.25%
% SOH: 86.10%
% HX: 87.003%
Ahr: 50.04
Avg Bat Tmp: 68°

after 3 full charges almost all numbers are a little lower.
I have a decent range of 85 miles, and my last range test I drove 96 miles to Turtle, so performance seems good. Im just concerned about the low SOH reading. Could be headed for rapid capacity loss sooner than later.

I'm new to the Leaf & EV, so Im learning as i go, and another Leafer suggested checking the cells. A couple bad cells could be the issue, in which case Nissan might correct that, as opposed to trying to get them to replace the battery on a new car.

Leaf Stat Does not show battery cells & voltages, so I am wondering if anyone out there in the Phx area with LeafSpy would beopen to meeting up so I can grab a few readings?

Im in northern Phx around Paradise Valley Mall.

The HEAT is what seems to affect the battery life the most. SpyPro shows the battery health and can show the capacity left when you have a full charge. Our 2013 lost 13% over the summer. I hope the 2015 Heat Tolerant Lizard battery will hold up better. SpyPro is a great way to see each battery and the remaining capacity along with lots of other good info like the battery temperature.