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New member
Apr 28, 2024
United Kingdom
Hello all, new member here, hope it’s posted on correct place.
Had my 2016 30kwh leaf for the last 8 years.
Battery been playing up for few years and Nissan would not honour any warranty so I decided to swap it out myself.
Took the old one out yesterday and installed a 40kwh one with only 4k miles and over 97% SOH so very happy.
My mistake- I wrongly believed that I could do this upgrade and code it using Leafspy Pro by changing it over and just reading the codes, then clear the P3102 wrong battery installed.
I did this and now have a dead car with lots of canbus error messages.
Further research indicates a can bridge is needed for this battery upgrade.
I have the following questions if anyone can help with please ?

1 Anyone has UK stock of a can Bridge please ?
2 Is there a way of purchasing a plug and play Can Bridge?
3. Do I have to reinstall the old battery again to cancel all these codes before a Can Bridge would work?
4. Are there any alternatives via the Nissan software to code this battery in without the need for a Can Bridge.

Any advice welcome as keen to get car back on road.
Thank Roy
We'd be happy to help, but don't have CAN bridges in stock at the moment. Later this week we'll likely have enough and can ship it out. Send us an email at [email protected]

2. Mmmm not really, the CAN signal wires in the car need to be cut and connected to the CAN bridge's CAN signal wires. It isn't that bad, there's pretty clear instruction out there (and in the link above)
3. You do not need to reinstall the old battery. Just wire in the CAN bridge and then you'll be able to clear the P3102 with Leaf Spy.
4. No, the dealer can perform that but gooooooood luck. Only real option is the bridge.
I second the vote for Dala...
I bought his recommended part (2 port from Aliexpress) and flashed it, was fairly simple, I just need to find a battery now! 😄