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Oct 30, 2022
Having issues with my vehicle's Quick charging system and i'm running out of ideas of things to check. Normal charging works great.

What I expect:
Turn off vehicle
Insert QC plug
Hit Start button

What actually happens:
- Turn off vehicle
- Insert QC Plug
- Hit Start
- Wait 5 seconds, then charger responds with "connection error"
- Check DTCs and get one and only one error code from the Charger Module
U100A 8708 Charger
Ok none - HV battery
Ok none - Motor Control
- Clear DTCs
Ok None - Charger
Ok none - HV battery
Ok none - Motor Control

Tested this again, and found that the "U100A 8708 Charger" DTC error code pops up immediately when plugging in the Chademo plug and BEFORE touching the charger's start button.

From Vehicle Charging System service manual page VC-60
- U100A 8708 Charger
- This is a generic CAN communication error.

LeafSpy DTC image

Things I've checked:
- Tried 3 different Chademo charging stations. Flo, Jules, and e-Camion
- I've checked continuity between all pins of QC port and PDM plug and VCU. All pins have continuity and I've checked the QC CAN-H and QC Can-L wires 100x times. Im ruling this out because the Charger module returns NO DTC codes after being cleared. But could be an issue with the QC port Pins 6 and 7 being obstructed between the car and teh charger. Also, have visually checked QC port and it looks to have no damage.
- PDM plug has +12.6V and has exact battery voltage on Pin 9 and 18.
- PDM plug has a good ground on Pin 10.
- On the QC port, the voltage between Pin 3 and Pin 5 is ~11.19V and not battery voltage same with using vehicle ground instead of Pin 5, (i thought this was strange since the manual says on VC-63 this should be +12V battery voltage explicitly). +12V battery voltage is around 12.6V
- QC port pins 9 and 10 temperature sensors are within spec.
- QC HV wires are definitely plugged into PDM.

Any other ideas to check?

1980 Volkswagen Vanagon Westfalia
Motor and inverter: 2015 EM57
Battery: late 2013 24kWh (selling soon as i'm upgrading to 40kWh)
VCU: Resolve-EV
OBD-II reader: BLE link^2 with LeafSpy Pro
This was found to be a combination of problems. NEgative contactor in the battery was welded shut. Replaced that. Still no charging. Found QC-CAN High and Low wires reversed. QC charging is now working.