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I went here:

I opened this:

and this:

and found what I believe you were trying to find.

Please ask again if I my understanding is misguided.
Thank you alozzy. Did a lot of reading and want to bring schematics in to the tech doing the work to resolve this issue.

I want to the link you procided and think I read most of the posts there that were related.

A couple of questions for clarification, if I may ;).

What year and trim is the leaf that you put drls in?

Did you go into number 57 and 18 for the drls?

Thank you!
Just to let everyone know that I brought it in to another franchise of the same business. I had diagrams and instructions all printed. He had it for about 2 hours including the inspection s I needed it to pass and its all good. I asked him where he worked and he said he didn't know just tested everything he did with his equipment until he found what worked with the charger plugged in. Happy guy I am!
A short while later, I go shopping with my son and return to find out the car suffered a hit and run... Fortunately there was a witness.
So does a forum member have to be a financially contributing member to post a deal that they come across via a web search & that does not benefit them in anyway other than potentially helping another forum member save money?
Your SSL certificate for this site expired on Nov. 10th.
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Please fix ASAP.
I believe we've seen a couple similar occurrences where temp was not subzero, but 12v battery was low. I suspect that there is also a problem with power brakes when voltage drops: the car will go into D or R, even when the brake assist doesn't work.

If you start the Leaf, and there is a dash warning (especially the 12v battery), DO NOT put the car in drive! If you leave the car On in Park, it should charge the 12v battery.
I think that you are replying to a spammer I deleted last night. One of their tactics is to post something more or less topical, but with a spam link in or below the post. The posts are often copy & paste thefts, as Cwerdna has noted.
Are you able to charge it all the way to 100% and let the car do a cell voltage balance?
New Leaf owned (used 2013) I want to convert my power outlet to constant 12v to power mobile phone front camera. Any suggestions how to modify the power outlet to constant 12v?
I clicked on the link to to in the sticky, and I get told that it can't be found.
I am new here. I have read all of this. I suspect that some of the posts in this thread contain content that are not necessary for new readers to read. I expected a discussion with the title Read this before starting a new thread to contain material that I really need to read.
The "Read this before starting a new thread" is about the very first post in this thread, not the discussion that follows.
I am a bit disappointed to discover the wiki is offline! Is there a new one elsewhere? Either from this group or another?
drbrake said:
I am a bit disappointed to discover the wiki is offline! Is there a new one elsewhere? Either from this group or another?
I don't know its current state. Notice the OP is from 2011. is what it looked like in 2015.

There was some software migration and it turned into which messed up a bunch of topics.
Have been advised to "search" before starting thread. I can see no search engine. Please say where I can post a question about finding jacking points or pinch weld on 2012 Leaf. much thanks, KB