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Jan 3, 2023

I’m Tiffany and I’ve recently became a single mom and one of the first steps to move forward was I bought a new Nissan Leaf.

My ex has a Tesla and has always been the one to take care of anything regarding EVs but now I’m on my own, I guess I have to figure it out now…

My first question would be what do I need to have (apps? Accounts? Charging cards??) to enable me to charge the car when I’m out? I’d like to create new memories with my kids but I do get range anxiety but it was simple with the Tesla cuz I just have to look for superchargers.

How does it work with the Leaf? Do I download some apps and add money to the accounts and look for any charging points in gas stations?!

I’m in the UK but I’m American so still using American terminology…

Anyway, I need all the help I can get…so please do let me know what I need to know to get me started…

(I am Googling and have signed up to several Nissan forums…tried to find the search button on the site before I posted but could not find it!)

Thank you for your help.

First thing to do is download [Plugshare] - (also a phone app). The Leaf does have a setting on the console dash that will show stations also but it's only as up to date as when it was created. Don't know if it's updated via internet connection. Phone is better.

Unfortunately there are a MESS of different vendors, so best to figure out where you are likely to go and need them, and check how they are best paid. It's not nearly as simple as Tesla.

If you have NEW Leaf, don't you get some kind of charging for free for a couple years? Mine is a '14, do 98% of my charging at home, so not up to date.
Welcome. Along with the above, I strongly suggest that you find charging stations near you, and use reviews from places like PlugShare to establish both local and more remote routes that have redundant (because of reliability and demand issues) DC Fast Charging available, with Level 2 charging as an emergency backup.

In addition:
* The Plugshare app allows you to filter your search by type of charging plug for the charging stations. I am not sure where in the UK you are located, or what type of Leaf you have, but I am guessing that your AC charging (Level 2, AC) plug type is "Type 2" and DC/Fast charge plug type is "CHAdeMO".
* You can use Plugshare via the app or from your computer at Sometimes I like to use it on my home computer to casually check out any changes to local and distant charging stations.
* You can take a short weekend trip with the kids to casually check out local charging stations, practice on them, and let the kids plugin the AC plug; I would avoid them trying the CHAdeMO plug since it is big and heavy. Once you get familiar with your local stations, then you will know what type of company accounts to open for using the stations.
* You may find that some charging stations operate on a network, where you can access them via the station's company app on your phone. But some stations may be off-network, where you may need a small (key-chain style) card to operate them. You may want to have the company send you a card for your account, just in case you find yourself using these off-network stations.

flydiver said:
The Leaf does have a setting on the console dash that will show stations also but it's only as up to date as when it was created. Don't know if it's updated via internet connection.

It may depend on your location, but my MY2014 here in Norway still gets online updates on charging stations. The Nissan system oddly enough is sometimes more updated than some of the phone apps around... In my area Plugshare for instance is not to be trusted.