Ready to drive, turtle and EV warning lights are ON! The car charges.

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Oct 21, 2023
I am an used car dealer. I bought a 2015 Nissan Leaf with 66K miles couple days ago. I tested the car without buying it the day before. There was nothing wrong with it except key fob battery. It was weak and needed to keep the key fob close to start button.

When I went to auction to pick up the car, I've notice that the turtle and EV warning lights (EVWL) were ON! Green ready to drive light was also on. Car's range was about 54 miles. Because I had to drive it in limited power mode, the battery generated more energy and the ranged increased to 59miles.

-the first thing i did was changing the key fob battery. Nothing changed.
-secondly I tried to charge the car in charging station. It was charged up to 80% and range increased to 86 miles winthin 70-80 mins. Still turtle light and EVWL were ON
-thirdly, I replaced the 12V battery. Still the same.

Do you guys have any idea what it could be?