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Nov 8, 2022
Hi folks,
Had my 2013 "lizard" Leaf for 4 years, and love it. But I have an 8-bar 24kwh battery, and it's starting to not do the job for traveling around town (I live on a hill in Reno).
The car is in great condition, no problems with chassis or electrical, and my theory is that a replacement battery could give me 10 more years of life out of the car.
I'm looking at, who have a battery upgrade service. I can get a 90% 40kwh battery for $13,200 including transportation there and back. They seem above board, but it's an enormous amount of money to drop, so I'm wondering:

* do folks on this forum think highly of the company? Do they do good work?
* are there other companies I should look at to get competing quotes?
* any other advice for a Leaf-lover thinking of getting a battery replacement? I noticed for example that someone found Leafspy wasn't working correctly:

I can't speak to that specific company, but I think their pricing is fair (especially if it includes pickup/delivery). I did a 24-40 kWh upgrade on my 2011 (, which I notice they don't do (it requires some additional hardware).
Anyway, they definitely have enough references; I just wish there were a couple more of these services further East in the country.
Thanks! Can you recommend any other services to get quotes from? And do you know where I could find some references for evridesllc?