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Sailun tires installed, Michelins had ~37,000 miles when pulled. Still had a little life left, but 3 of the 4 had plugs installed and two at the edge of the tire which was time.

Kept the tire with out any punchers for a spare...see below after ~37,000 miles

old tires  36,700 miles.jpg
Sometimes you just get unlucky. A few days ago I picked up nearly 50 drywall anchor screws (plus exploded plastic packaging) off the road at the end of my driveway. I'm 99% sure they weren't there when I got home (no flats yet) but they were everywhere when I came back from walking the dog. They must have fallen from one of the neighbor's vehicles as it passed by. Luckily I saw them and got them picked up before my wife pulled in a few minutes later.

I've had one flat in a personal vehicle in my driving life (many flats in work vehicles when conducting wildlife biology fieldwork in remote areas) but could have easily had multiple flats in both personal vehicles in one evening.