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I'm surprised no one mentioned about the trick for manual Air Control that can be set to 0 (0 it's not the same as OFF) and that saves energy by configuring the least strenght level for air control. I'm going to take some photos this noon of my own Nissan Leaf because I've searched to reuse any image in google but I couldn't find one of it.

First of all, this was done in a Nissan Leaf 2015 Accenta model that has the navi and this kind of Air Control:

The 0 air speed bar only works for external air and can't be used on A/C or Heat modes, but you can control the flow direction as I show on the following photos (sorry for the dust):

To get this 0 bar speed you must first press the ON/OFF button to power off the air control. Then you simply press the MODE button to set the air direction.

Let me insist that 0 bar speed IS NOT the same as air control powered off. You can check this by setting the air flow direction to the windshield with 1 speed bar and then power it off. After a while, you'll see than the windshield starts to get foggy. But, if you then press the MODE button and set the flow to the windshield, you'll see that it starts to get clearer (as it's speed 0, it'll take more time than on speed 1), so the air that is taken from the exterior is minimum (I don't know if it's more or less than the partial recirculation trick).

It's a simple trick, but I use it a lot on not so cold days where setting the speed to 1 will result on a too cold cabin temperature.