scratching/rattling/grinding noise when coasting

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Dec 22, 2022
I have a 2012 Nissan Leaf.

I hope somebody can help me with this as the local mechanic here in Boston are not very well versed in EVs.
I am getting an odd noise (sort of rattling/scratching/grinding) when I am coasting. When I hit the accelerator or breaking it seems to go away. It seems to me based on this it must be something to do with the regenerative breaking.
This is just going at slowest possible speed (you can hear it's a scratching/rattling sort of noise) reminds me maybe even of a bad bearing:
A little faster:
and faster:

Also I notice in really colder weather (around 0 Celsius) the regen breaking indicator does not seem to display activation. Wondering maybe this is related to this issue.

Anybody with any ideas please help!
There's nothing special about the wheel bearings/brakes/suspension of a Leaf. The 'regenerative braking' is actually a function of the motor and the brakes are just brakes.

Wheel bearings and brakes can be checked in the normal way: raise each wheel off the ground and then spin it to check for any grinding or unusual noises and then grab the tire at opposite sides and try to move it to check for play. IE, push on right side, pull on left side, then push on top, pull on bottom etc. It should be completely immovable and any play indicates a bad bearing or worn suspension.
So rotating the tires manually only thing odd i notice is that the break pads seem to be making contact somewhat. No apparent wobbling or similar noise to wheel bearing gone bad.
Should i expect the break pads to be completely off the disk?
The grinding noise is still a mystery.
I'd say it's normal for the brake pads to slightly touch the rotors when spun by hand. Normal wheel runout will push them back while driving but they are usually very close when spun by hand, even to the point of light contact. And if they were the problem, they would quickly wear down and/or cause the rims to get hot after driving due to friction.

Is there any chance some under body panel or part is blowing in the wind while driving and rubbing against an axle, or tire or some other rotating part?
"Is there any chance some under body panel or part is blowing in the wind while driving and rubbing against an axle, "
Good point. Will have to get mechanic to put it up on the lift so we can check properly.