Seat swap? defective OCS sensor

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Jan 28, 2023
2011 Leaf with defective OCS - passenger airbag sensor - very expensive repair. My question, rather than replace the sensor, has anyone swapped seats from a later model? Is it possible to swap a set of seats from something like a Nissan Juke? I hate the seat cover material in my Leaf.
The repair is expensive because they don't provide the sensor. The repair is a whole new seat.

You can get a device that acts as a occupied seat all the time, but then the passenger seatbelt has to stay buckled. Those are also illegal in certain areas.
As far as part compatibility I don’t know. I kinda doubt it though. When it comes to software things get funky. You don’t just need it to fit you need it to work. Also the seat belt is often designed for a particular seat. The whole thing just seems like bad juju. My move would be to haunt junkyard websites for a passenger seat of your year. There should be a bunch. All those cars that got their battery pulled still have passenger seats. As far as the covering though there are always seat covers.