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Jan 5, 2023
Hi All

I have the dreaded Service EV system Service EV system
Unable to restart after power off error code. It came on the car about 3 months ago. I managed to clear it with leafspy but its back again just before christmas. I had to book in to the Nissan dealer and its under warranty. Its a 2019 40KW SV. Only 42,000 Km on it. I showed the dealer the codes before its service but they could find no fault. Of course then 2 days later its back and i cant clear it with leafspy at all. Comes back within 60secs and then prohibits charging.
p31e7 000B EV/HEV restart inhibition EVC 310
P0AA6 1Ao0 Ev HEV Hybrid batt volt sys isolation EVC157
Having researched what i can online POAA6 relates to a HV leak. The dealer thinks its the PDM ( which I dont ) and its going back in on Wed for a full diagnostic. Anyone else have issues like this. And did anyone have the PDM replaced. The dealer refuses to give a courtesy car.

thanks all

2018 Nissan leaf S 946,140 miles battery at 80.53% on leaf spy 9 bars on dash.

i just had the same issue with cp31e7 000B EV/HEV restart inhibition EVC 310 P0AA6 1Ao0 Ev HEV Hybrid batt volt sys isolation EVC157.
It all started when the 12v battery went out after replacing it i cleared all codes with leaf spy and everything worked fine for a day and a half then it started throwing the same codes while driving and charging but after resetting several times but i got it to charge to 100%.
i took it to my local Nissan dealer and service tech said it was a bad PDM module which they had to order it arrived on Friday morning and they replaced it then struggled for a day and a half to program it, they then had to contact Nissan and wait to hear back from them the following Monday, they finally got it completed on Tuesday about noon.
I had them run a battery check while i observed before i took the car and everything checked out great.
Bill was $5,500.00 total parts and labor this is unbelievable the PDM has multiple electronic components so the problem could be minor issue, but the tech stated that they were not allowed to even open them up that he could only replace the complete unit.
I’m going to call Nissan next to see what they say.
Note: This is my second nissan Leaf S when i traded it in on this one it had 100,000 plus miles on it and battery was at 80% on leaf spy with 10 bars on the dash, the only maintenance it had was 2 sets of tires 2 sets of windshield wipers and the 12v battery.

Keep me posted on what Nissan will tell you. I am in Canada. I have a 2019 Leaf. I was told that my PDM needed to be changed for a leak issue. My dealer is yet unable to explain to me with technical details what exactly is the leak about. I suspect an air leak following a routine test as this component needs to be sealed to protect all the electronics. I am waiting a call back from the head of service. The service person so far did not even know what was a Power Delivery Module.

I am unable to digest that such issue needs a total part replacement. In an ICE car, changing a gasket is not that expensive. I am discovering the true costs of maintaining an electric car.

Nissan Canada had refused so far to pay a cent on this repeating that this is not covered under the warranty.

I am certainly not the only one discovering the service parts strategy.
If you have a 5 year warranty as we do in the US, then the part is covered and the dealership is dishonest. There may also be a longer warranty on the EV drive parts, which should include the PDM.
Thank you for the info. Unfortunately, my warranty for power train is 5 years or 100 000km whatever comes first and my car is 136K km. I am still pursuing my arguments with my dealers.
What is the voltage on the 12volt circuit when the car is OFF?
12volt circuit and terminals on the 12V battery are the same.
ReptonAU said:
What is the voltage on the 12volt circuit when the car is OFF?
12volt circuit and terminals on the 12V battery are the same.

The voltage with the car Off can range from around 11.0-12.0 volts (essentially dead) to about 12.6 volts (really high for a Leaf). That's assuming it has a lead-acid battery.
So, what is it?

And why is it that so often 13+ voltage is being (incorrectly) attributed to such wonderful 12V batteries. Will the answer in this case be below 13 volt? The car does not start, so something is not as it should be. I did ask for the voltage on the circuit while the 12V is connected , which is not the same as the voltage provided by the 12V. Should be the same, but just imagine the DC-DC being (unintentionally) active (13+ volts) and would that not lead to error messages? Let's be patient and wait for the answer to help diagnose the problem before fixing the problem.
You are overthinking the problem. The 12 volt battery provides roughly 12.4 volts when the DC-DC converter is off. When it's on, the system runs at roughly 13.1 volts. When the 12 volt battery is weak or dead, it reads less when the DC-DC converter is off..
Car ON --> 13+ volt
Car OFF --> 12.x volt

Car OFF AND 13+ volt = FAULTY --> EV System message and bricking the car

We need to think as we have to find a way to get the car back to OFF12 or ON13. We can not count on any certified, trained, accredited , authorised NISSAN dude to do any thinking as they clearly do not even have the inclination to try.
no AGM battery installed??? I do not see any relevance to that.
My point is that the 13+ is being attributed to the battery in many cases.
Many posters experienced the problem, but were not aware. I am still waiting for the answer as to what the voltage is on the 12volt circuit when this car is OFF. If 13+ volts then this poster qualifies. Are you not curious?
Having answered the question once, I'm not inclined to answer again. The relevance of an AGM battery is that their rest voltage can hit 13 volts or more.
I asked anybody with an EV System . . . message what their measurements are (not should be). What question did you answer? I am sincerely curious. Are we not on the same side?

My question to anybody with the EV system msg:

What is the voltage on the 12volt circuit when the car is OFF?
I think the population of folks with the EV system message is practically nil.

On my 2017 model, a single charging light flashes on the dash during charging as an indicator that the DC-DC system is active. I don't know if that still applies to 2018+ models or not but measuring the current through the 12V battery cables while the car is off and the battery shows 13V should indicate whether or not the battery is being charged.
Thanks for your reply. I do care about the problem, however sporadic it happens (just as a nerd). II believe that the very small population encountering these issues (bricking the car!) will be unhappy with the total lack of competent support from NISSAN. NISSN (as a business) does not care about very small populations.

I disagree and believe that the 13+ indicates that the HV is live and supplying the DC-DC. Whether it is charging the 12V or not depends on the present voltage of that 12V battery. Initially at start-up 14+ volts is provided to ensure that it start charging until done at which point the DC-DC output drops to 13+

Have you ever tried to start the car with the 1 blue led while car obviously OFF?
I will as soon as I notice it on my car as I am sure EV System issues will arise,
It is a bit risky, because I can not reset the car when (if) this happens.
I believe this is what happened to oddmar as per his post Nissan Leaf 2018 ZE1 service ev system no power in red The car is at NISSAN for 6 weeks and nobody has any ideas