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The stories I hear from disappointed owners are those that are trying to use EV's in a way they are not the best for. Yes, too many are pushing them for every use, when in reality they don't fit that well for that service.
It cost me less than 1/2 for my use over running a 30 MPG gas car, to run back and forth to town, 98% of our trips.
I went in with my eyes wide open, and have been very happy. I still have gasoline power vehicle for the very few long trips we take.
With today's batteries, long distance travel is not the best with an electric. If you load up the chassie with heavy batteries to get enough range, it becomes a diminishing return, harder to cool and longer times to fast charge. For what we have now, I would say 250-350 mile range is the goldylocks point.
So far I only charge at home so around $0.20/Kwh. An electric is ideal for my type of service where it returns home with range to spare and can be charged while in the garage.
There will always be those that will take them on long trips, brag about how far they got, and the "fun" of searching for working charging stations. Those that want the convenience of gasoline on a long trip will always be disappointed.
Things were good except that the battery is very sensitive to driving faster than 60mph, its sensitive to running the heater, very sensitive to running the defroster.. So maximum range in summer is about 60 miles, maximum range in cold winter is between 20 and 40 miles per charge. Public chargers are inconvieniently placed and 3.3kw, so charging takes forever and is very costly (34 cents a minute for 3.3kw, 4 hours to charge my car 80%, $1 a mile)
My mistake was not leasing my 2015... I was looking at a BMW and the total cost of ownership is $10k cheaper for the BMW after all is said and done. And I would not have had the severe range and climate control restrictions. Almost all chargers in my area charge $ 34 cents a minute for 3.3kw. My home charger does 80% charge in 2 hours, trickle for 1 hour to full. Costs $20 a month to charge twice a day on my 6.6kw charger. If I had got the BMW ICE car (internal combustion) It would be worth 20k, my leaf is worth $2.5k
I have always paid cash for cars since buying a 1962 chevy bel air back in 1968. The 2022 Leaf SV was the first new car I have purchased. I bought it new for 34k but got 10k worth of government subsidies. I would agree that it has lost more value than any of the cars I have ever purchased. I think this has more to do with the fast charging port than any other factor. It is a good solid car with many safety features that makes an older driver a safer driver and that works for me and that is the biggest value. On the issue of the smaller battery size, this reduces the weight which makes it safer and more responsive. The shorter range requires more frequent stops but the stops are shorter in duration because of the smaller battery. This works for my bladder.