Sourcing MSDS for Gen1 Nissan Leaf Battery Module Shipment

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Jan 29, 2024
Hi folks!

I'm writing here because I'm looking for a material safety datasheet for the Gen1 Nissan Leaf batteries, as I believe this may be required for purchasing/shipping any modules. I've come across a few forum posts that mention the MSDS (such as this one or this one), but the links appear to be outdated. I've also learned from the forums that there may have been an update to the original MSDS in 2015 (I assume this update corresponds to the 30kWh packs that were released around that time, but I can't be sure).

Does anyone here have any experience shipping the Gen1 batteries, and if so do you have an MSDS that you would be willing to share? It would be helpful to see both the 2010 version and the 2015 version, if possible.

I install the LRN 40 kWh upgrade packs for Leafs at my shop in Wisconsin and have a copy of the 2010 MSDS I've seen used for shipping degraded 24 kWh assembled packs.

Not sure if that's helpful for you?