Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (possible spoilers)

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On, they’ve been posting quite a few short trailers introducing the various characters on Strange New Worlds. Haven’t had time to watch most of them yet.
Uh oh. They've abandoned the Very Early Sixties look that worked well, and seem to be trying for the Seventies ambiance of the critically panned first ST movie. And WTF is up with Pike's hair??? Last but not least: same Spock, new hairdo, or new Spock...?
Prior to this trailer, I recall people deriding SNW as more Kurtzman pew-pew-pew. I am a bit confused about one scene w/Spock. Is this now JJ-verse or some altering/cross of prime universe and JJ-verse (Kelvin timeline)?
I'm reminded of a quote I like... "Star Trek is not only dead, it's starting to smell real bad"

Not that they won't continue to mine it for new series over and over and over.
LeftieBiker said:
As if they care about such things!
LOL! I later realized that the scene involving Spock involved a different woman than I originally thought.

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I'm just going to wait and watch it when it arrives on 5/5. If it's just another STD, so to speak, well I need to spend more time outdoors in the Summer, anyway. has the opening title sequence. is a story about it.
PR machine is in gear. I watched

Am in the middle of watching (significantly longer), but it seems the above video is embedded in this longer video.
Seems like a media embargo has been lifted. Some members of the media have been given access to the first few eps or the first half of S1.

So far, reactions seem mixed. has some spoilers about ep 1 and gave a 9/10 at the end.
I'm still reading
Watch The Series Premiere Of ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ For Free
"As the second episode of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds arrived exclusively on Paramount+, the first episode was made available to stream for free on YouTube in the USA."
I like it so far. In the second ep especially I was reminded that this is the production group that skipped High School science, but it's still light years ahead of STD. Mount needs to dial back the Nice from the current 12 to maybe a 9.5, but that's a minor quibble. And if the show has guest appearances from the STD crew lined up, I'm out. ;)
S1:E4 that "aired" this week was really good. Despite a few ummm.. questions and things that maybe aren't so believable, I really enjoyed it. It might be hard to keep this up/beat it.
Yes, it's sometimes hard to forget that these are largely the same people who are failing 8th Grade Science on STD. Still, I do like SNW vastly better. As for this last ep, it was a bit too button pushing for me, but OTOH, I was expecting graphic violence, and they didn't go there. That earns points with me. If I want to watch people being eaten alive, I'll watch the Sunday morning news talk shows.