Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (possible spoilers)

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It seems I'm now really beginning to appreciate how great a character Spock was in TOS. They're giving Ethan Peck some good material and he does a pretty good job as a Vulcan.
Yes, he does. Any quibbles I have are minor, or have to do with the people running the show having him say dumb things - like all those compliments he was forced to give his obnoxious Sister. ;)
Well, this isn't looking so good. Some of the most annoying attributes of STD are now creeping in to SNW, and that both irritates me and makes me sad. Having sat through one cringe-inducing ep of the aftershow just to see what Goldsman is like, and finding him fairly likeable, I was thus more surprised that the show is going more in the direction of comic relief and poor plotting than it initially promised. Did anyone unabashedly LIKE the 'Pirate' ep...?
I finally watched the pirate ep last night. It was ok. I got spoiled by who the Vulcan was at the end...

Side note: This response from Anson Mount was great. :)
Interesting that you guys didn't like that last episode with Cap Angel.

Based on the news, she/he was so popular that they are already planning to bring Angel back.

I actually thought angel was fine, Sybok was a nice bit at the end, but the comedy of the main cast and the mutiny was a bit over the top.

Plus I guess the network feels they have a likeable anti character with Angel - and best of all, no one is quite sure whether its OK to be attracted to Angel... guys, gals, who knows!
I actually thought angel was fine, Sybok was a nice bit at the end, but the comedy of the main cast and the mutiny was a bit over the top.

That is more or less how I feel as well. It wasn't just the dialog, though: that ship's rudder 'steering' wheel on the freighter was just DUMB.They are trying to get in some of the Goofiness that crept into the TOS, but I never liked it there, either.
Production Has Wrapped On ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Season 2
cwerdna said:
Side note: This response from Anson Mount was great. :)
There was a complaint about the shadow so in reply to, was a corrected version. :)
The SNW S1 finale was great!

I don't know how much I should spoil it but it did have so many parallels and reference to a particular great TOS ep.
LeftieBiker said:
I don't know if I've seen the last ep or not. How many were made?
There are 10 ST:SNW episodes...just like there will be 10 episodes in the second season (that has already completed principle photography). I think this is the best of the "new generation" ST shows.
I may have one left - I forget. I took some time off after the godawful RPG ep (they shouldn't be emulating TOS in ALL ways) and then watched the Gorn ep. I can't recall if I watched the last one. I'll check tonight.
The "RPG" ep with almost everyone playing different roles was ep 8. Opinions were VERY polarized, ranging from love it (not me) to hated it, FFed thru it, stopped watching, etc.
Yeah, guy in the rubber suit in There's also this great ad related to that TOS ep at Be sure to wait for the bit near the end.

That ad was done long ago but he's 91 now. From the appearances I've seen him on (e.g. on when he was already 89 or 90, it is amazing that he is still so functional (for lack of a better word). I was worried he might croak during his Blue Origin flight at the age of 90.

Nimoy and Shatner were born within a week of each other yet Nimoy died in 2015 at the age of 83.
You had me wondering about that. I do recall seeing Shatner smoking in videos before. Probably was Rocket Man like at

He tweeted about smoking at