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Nov 3, 2015
Bradenton, Florida, US
We upgraded our Leaf to a Tesla model Y. We normally charge the Tesla to 80%.

My wife had to drive the 125 mile from cabin to house for emergency dentist appt today. We can just make it both ways with 80% barge.

We have a 60 amp Wall Charger hard wired to 60 amps at home that outputs 48 amps to the car. It took 3 hours to replenish charge used for the trip

She returned to the cabin later that day after charging at home.

Tonight I was lazy and didn’t want to move the. car to the shed Mobile connector plugged into the 14-50 outlet so just for grins i plugged the mobile charger that I keep in the trunk into a 120. v outlet To go from 40% to 80% at 12 amps 120 v it was going to take over 24 hours to replenish the 125 mile drive.

So I moved the car to the shed and used the 14-50 outlet with the mobile charger that outputs 32 amps. Estimated time to replenish was 4 hrs and 30 minutes.

So to replenish 125 miles:
24.5 hours at 1kw L1 (12 amp 120v)
4.5 hours at 7 kw L2 (32 amps)
3.0 hours at 11 kw L2 (48 amps).

Im happy with the decision to install a Wall Connector and wire it to 60 amps. That cut charge time by 1/3 rd vs a mobile connector and allowed my wife to return in daylight.

There is only one Supercharger between the cabin and house. It’s a 150 kwh charger at a WAWA gas station midway and about 10 mIles out of the way. I’ve used it twice when we didn’t have enough charge to make the trip.

By the way she loves driving the Tesla Model Y. The only thing she doesn’t like is when I use the app to have the car fart when she parks it in the church parking lot
Flyct said:
So to replenish 125 miles:
24.5 hours at 1kw L1 (12 amp 120v)
4.5 hours at 7 kw L2 (32 amps)
3.0 hours at 11 kw L2 (48 amps).

Looks about right.
I normally try to charge at lower rates from home to lessen the grid burden, but in the summer I get home from work at 4pm and plug in to cool the car pack down. In order to finish charging before the peak evening grid demand I have to max out my EVSE charger speed. Now that the summer is over, I can switch to 32A and charge from midnight when our utility wind is most active

Always trade-offs