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FWIW, the Rav-4 prime is basically like a '11/'12 Leaf in that you can't turn off the heat if you want the climate control fan on. Of course unlike the '11/'12 Leafs the Prime uses a much more efficient heatpump heater but unlike the '13 and on Leafs with the heatpump, the Prime lacks a resistive heater, meaning you've basically got no heat in EV mode, in the low teens and colder.
I guess I'm OK with the lack of resistive heater as you've got a ICE if you need heat but personally I'd like to be able to keep the heat off if you have the fan on, when trying to eek out the last miles of EV range. Of course again you've got the ICE when you run out of battery so maybe it's not that big of a deal.
All in all were really liking the Prime, close to 40MPG on just ICE and 50 mile EV range in the summer, closer to 40 in all but the most bitter winter days(single digits and colder. We usually average around 70 MPG with a combination of gas and electric.
Oh finally sold our 2 Leafs, $11k for both(took several months) our '13S with 40k miles and our '12SL with 60k, the '13 had 11 bars and the '12 was down to 8. Originally was hoping for $9k for the '13 and $7k for the '12 but maybe during/shortly after the pandemic but used Leafs, particularly the 40-60 mile original ones are very hard to sell, everyone wanted 100 miles + range, even if for just local trips :(