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Jan 9, 2024
Canada, 2021SV
I've got 2 maintenance messages on my 2021 sv (35k km).
1) first one is about tires - the meter was set for 6000 km, which seems to be just at half of the expected maintenance needed - any thought why it could be?
2) the other messages just says 'Other' - any thought what it could be? Also was set for 6000 km.

A meter for tires?! I just check the wear bars occasionally. I can see tire potentially wearing faster than one might expect though. It does 0-60 in 6.2sec. Anything under 8 is a sports car. Sports cars that are considered “fast” do it in under 7. My type4 GTI autobahn did it in 6.7. So yes. Tire wear due to accidental burn outs. Gotta be careful with the throttle. There are cars that do it in under 5. I class them as “terrifying” and “a great way to get killed”. Thats supercar territory. Beyond that are hypercars. Yes this technically makes a dual motor long range Y a supercar. Cheapest one you can get by a good margin. We all knew the plaids were hypercars though. Me I leave eco mode on not to increase range but for safety. I still get the occasional accidental bun out. It will chirp the tires at 30 with eco mode on btw. Did that this morning :/. I grew up with cars that wouldn’t chirp the tires at all ever. Normal cars.
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Those are basically maintenance reminders set by the car owner. You can find the set parameters under the Settings menu:
1) Maintenance > Tire
2) Maintenance > Other

You can choose to use them to remind you to perform any specific maintenance on your tire (item 1) or any other equipment (item 2). The setting parameters are a distance driven count-up in miles (for me) or km (in your case). When you drive your car over time and it reaches the distance setting, the reminder pops up to inform you.
Otherwise, you can disable them by deleting their setting values.

I use the tire setting to remind me at every 7000 miles to rotate my tires. I reset the setting value (miles) to zero after I rotate my tires so the mileage count-up on the reminder starts again.
I don't rotate tires on a schedule. If the front tires are worn more than the rear, I rotate them. Tire pressure should be checked at least weekly.
That's truly remarkable. You wrote elsewhere you changed your tires - but not yourself right?
I did it... got tired of waiting for pep boys et, al... You need a bead breaker, some good tire spoons, a bead blaster/air compressor, and a little muscle... It was fun! I used a bubble balancer to put the weights on.. its not perfectly balanced, but not too bad. Now if I ever need to plug patch a hole, I can do it.
My last two Leaf tires, I dismounted old, mounted new and balanced myself. It was a minor adventure, but actually less time than taking & waiting.

I have one extra full size spare wheel/tire w/o TPMS, and took the first tire to a shop in the morning, they didn't have it done by afternoon while three guys were still standing around out by the counter, so I decided they don't really want the work.