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Aug 14, 2023
I have searched for the above but not found any definitive answers in any of the threads.

I have a 2016 Leaf - base model - not sure what the branding is.
My father has recently acquired a 2016 Leaf Tekna branding.
The information panels are subtly different.

My touch screen works fine, his only has left hand side responsive.
I have read the excellent threads on touch screen replacement and have ordered (hopefully) the right part as advised form AliExpress.

I am still hoping that we may be able to fix the problem through the System Diagnostic Menu. I can access this menu by means of the MAP / MAP / MAP / ON / ON / MAP keystroke sequence but he can't. We live geographically apart so I can not press the buttons myself.

My question is - Is there a different keystroke sequence to access the system diagnostic menu in the Tekna branded Leaf?

PS. It is frustrating that the Tekna (top of the range?) system does NOT have DAB radio, whereas my base model does. Can this be confirmed, or have we just not been able to find it
As I understand it, you are located in Europe. AFAIK, all Tekna 2016 and up have DAB. Look at the top left button on the side of the touch screen. If you have a button that says "RADIO", it is a DAB-unit. The older cars will have a button that says "FM-AM" there. They do not have DAB.

I suspect that your fathers car is actually a 2015-model that has been sitting at the dealer a while and thus sold in 2016. This happened a lot in many European markets where Leafs ( and EVs in general) weren't very popular. Try run the car's VIN on and see if you can find out when the car was built. The 2015s have the older HU and therefor will not have DAB.
But the System Diagnostic Menu access issue is still pending...

Let me re-phrase my question:

Can any Tekna branded Leaf owners 2015 (or close) access the System Diagnostic Menu via MAP/MAP/MAP/ON/ON/MAP keystroke?
My experience (with USA Leaf's) is that the keystroke sequence timing is critical to get into the diagnostics screen. I suspect you father is not getting the buttons pressed fast enough or in the correct sequence. If he gets into the diagnostic menu, then there is a way to calibrate the touch screen that may help the issue you described.
Let me try adjusting the question again...

If we can not access the System Diagnostic Menu via keystroke sequence, is there a way of factory resetting the Infotainment system? Does anybody know if this is possible and if so, how?