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Aug 14, 2023
I have researched this and other forums but have not been able to fix my (or more specifically my 86 year old Father's) problem.

He has a 2016 registration Leaf Tekna - actually a late 2015 production model I believe. I have a 2016 Acenta. His car software is subtly different to mine - he has CarWings , I do not.

He has two problems that I can not fix - made more difficult by the fact that we are geographically far apart. (Over 4 Leaf 24kWh top -ups ;) )
Problem A is that recently he can only charge to 79%. My research makes me suspect that he has inadvertently got into a "80% charge limit" mode. Apparently this was an option accessible up to 2014 - from the remote app possibly? or possibly through CarWings settings.

My question is can anyone out there - with their pre-2016 Leaf - have access to a "limit battery charge to 80%" function? And if so where?

Problem B is that he can not get the Nissan Connect EV app to communicate with his car. We have successfully completed the Nissan You+ and CarWings registration and can log into the app but no data flows to or from the vehicle. Nissan customer support seem to be at the end of their support capabilities.

My question is can anyone out there with a 2015 or older Tekna get full functionality from the Connect EV app? Are we using the right app? What implications does CarWings have for the app?

PS My 2016 Acenta charges to 100% and I can use the app.
PPS My father's battery shows 12/12 health , mine is 11/12 health
Is he using the charging timer? On my 2012, there's two charges timers you can set to different days and hours and target percent charging. There's the only place I've found the 80% limit. Menu path is "blue e button" -> Charging timer -> Set timer [1/2] -> % Charge

As to connecting, does the 2015 TCU support 4G wireless? Mine came with 2G, had an option to upgrade to 3G (which I declined), and now that's end of life as well, you need 4G to connect, from what I understand.
Unfortunately, this is a US-centric site and in the US, we lost the 80% limiter starting with model year '14. I had a '13 and there were two methods for cars with nav system (SV and SL trims) and a method for cars w/o (S trim). Those are the marketing letters used in the US. We don't have Tekna, Acenta or whatever.

For '13 US Leafs, see https://owners.nissanusa.com/content/techpub/ManualsAndGuides/NissanLEAF/2013/2013-NissanLEAF-owner-manual.pdf on these pages:
CH-26, CH-29, CH-30 (for no nav system).

And, yes, I know the nav system UI changed probably around US model year '16, but the 80% limiter for us never came back.

I don't recall a method on CarWings/Nissan Connect to toggle between 80% or 100%. Once AT&T shut down their 3G network (https://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/2022/02/21/3-g-shutdown-att-tmobile-verizon-dates/6878884001/), those w/older Leafs were SOL in terms of Carwings. An alternative is OVMS: https://www.mynissanleaf.com/viewtopic.php?t=32715.
Thanks cwerdna and reedstrm,

I will get my father to check if the LONG LIFE MODE is available in his 2015/6 Tekna - I doubt it, but let's see.

As far as I know we still have 3G in the UK - but not for much longer ....

"Each mobile provider is setting its own timetable for its 3G network switch-off. These timings might change and you should check your mobile provider’s website for the latest update:

Vodafone is planning to complete its switch-off in early 2024.
EE plans to switch-off in early 2024, starting January.
Three expects to switch-off by the end of 2024.
O2 is planning to switch-off in 2025.
These are the four main mobile network providers"

So CarWings should still work - I will check if it can update maps and filling stations etc.

I think that we can do without the App - it is a disappointment at the end of the day, but it would be nice to turn the Climate Control ON from inside the house now that it is getting cold here.
ratchet63 said:
I think that we can do without the App - it is a disappointment at the end of the day, but it would be nice to turn the Climate Control ON from inside the house now that it is getting cold here.

Yeah, that was the one feature of being connected they was useful. I got around it using the other timer: climate control. Only useful if you're on a set schedule, but better then nothing.

Success !!! :D

Many thanks again to cwerdna
This is the simple solution to the "only charging to 79 percent" problem.
This IS the solution, but only on cars that have this as standard - during 2015, Nissan deleted this facility - thankfully, the most excellent EVsEnhanced now sell a plug & play AC Charge Limiter kit - check your local Reseller for prices & availability ;-)
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