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Aug 1, 2020
I have the 2016 30kw Leaf G with heated seats and heated steering wheel. However, the side mirrors are not heated which we would like. I checked interior fuse 22 which is for heated mirrors and tested that it has 12v when the rear window defroster button is pressed. I popped off one of the side mirror glass to see 5 wires inside the cowl so the wiring and voltage does get to the mirror although the heater wires are just tucked away. The mirror glass itself doesn't have the heater element or connection terminals. I am hoping it is possible to simply replace the mirror glass with the heated version but haven't been able to track down part numbers. Has anyone had any luck with this mod or could offer any tips?
On a Nissan Rogue I was able to pop the heated mirror out to replace it. It has a 2 pin connector on the back of the glass. So it can be done and it's possible the Leaf heated mirror is used on another Nissan vehicle.
My cunning plan failed, the two wires in the mirror cover I thought were for the heater were of course for the folding motor. I will need to check that the wiring inside the door card suits this and then maybe replace the mirror assembly with a heated unit if they can be found.