Things You REALLY Need to Know When Shopping for a Used Leaf

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No worries.
Take your time. It's all here and in short time you will harvest enough information that your Leaf will be well understood.
I’m thinking of getting an older used leaf in Houston as a second car and only driving it six months November through April, then storing it in the summer. As long as I don’t drive it when the temp is over 85 or so I should be okay - right?
Drove my 2014 in Phoenix at well over 100, no worries! Now 60K and 30% down (3 bars lost)
Still charges to 70 on gessometer.
The issue isn't specifically the ambient temperature, but is actually the temperature, over time, of the battery pack. For cars that get to cool off in cooler garages, or in locales that regularly get cool or even cold at night (as is common with desert locations), being out in extreme heat isn't early as much as problem as it is for those who end up 'heat soaking' in locations that stay hot or warm around the clock.