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Oct 3, 2021
I’m considering purchasing a 2013 Leaf SL in Arizona with 72,000 miles and 8 bars with a current range of 40-50 miles per charge for $5,500. This would just be for in town, small town daily use with around 25 miles per day at the most. Is it reasonable to expect that I might get 2-3 more years out of this battery with this kind of usage? Does that price seem fair for a fully loaded, clean leaf in good condition (except for the battery)? Thanks.
Look at the build date on the driver's door sill sticker. If it's before April of 2013, then no - not unless the battery was already replaced once, and the AZ heat killed the first battery. If later than that, then the battery will last a few more years, but the range will keep falling. I'm going to attach my used Leaf buying guide.
i've got a 2012 with 7 bars that gets 40-50 miles on a full charge, works great for my 25 mile round trips. i drove it nearly 2 years on 8 bars until it dropped to 7.

The price seems good to me, they don't go for much less than that and its a great value. What other EV could you drive for less? i'd rather be driving an EV than a gasser, and that is a good entry point.
That is good to know, and it looks like it was manufactured in May of 2013 so the battery might be a little better. I will probably go for it. Thanks.
Believe me, the battery in your car is a LOT better than the one it came with. Not so resistant to extreme heat (as you can see) but it resists age-related degradation and moderate heat well.
if you have an OBD dongle (such as the OBDLink LX) and can download the Leaf Spy app to your phone, then you could check the actual cell voltages of the pack and be on the lookout for a weak or bad cell(s) that is significantly out-of-family with all the other cells.

If that is the case then they should come off the price because you will eventually need to replace that cell/module and it will be an expensive repair. Like a chain, the Battery Pack is only as strong as the weakest link (cell).