What Do You Wish Your Leaf Had?

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I wish the display panel that comes up at power-down was the mileage/efficiency history bar-graph, rather than the estimated time to full charge (a panel for which I've never had any practical use, given that I only use public charging stations if there's a reasonable danger of "turtling" the car, and normally charge overnight in my driveway).
I wish all the bar graphs (mi/kW, battery SOH, battery temp) all had delineations for the blocks. I have trouble seeing how many blocks there are mostly on the temperature.

Include the actual battery temperature on the temperature display. We're treated like dummies.
I wish they would use the empty donut space for an extension battery. Even if you could only put 10kWh there it would be a nice add.
Interesting idea, given that (with that space more-or-less unusable at least in the US-market Leaf) my EZ-Spare donut hangs on a rack in the trunk.