Will software update bring 4-bar 2016 SL capacity over 8 bars?

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24kwh to 62kwh has been done, but it does require some modest modifications. Apart from the CAN Bridge to let the car and pack communicate, they use brackets to lower the pack slightly, and heavier springs for the extra weight.
So pardon me if I am being overly slow here. I'm going to look at (and plug an OBDII dongle into) a 2016 SV, 30kwh battery on Saturday. Currently shows 9 bars, but may or may not have had the SW update applied. In this thread, it's been said that that if the EV Battery property ends in an "A", the update hasn't been applied. Correct? And as a corollary, LeafSpy will show the actual SOH of the battery, irrespective of SW version on the BMS, correct?

Considering getting the beast for a carless friend. Price is good, 60K miles, so if it's close to being a battery replacement candidate, it's a no-brainer. If not, it's a bit less clear.

Thanks in advance for answers.

No, LeafSpy simply reports what the BMS communicates to it over the CANBUS. So, the SOH and Hx values will be off. I think the AH though is accurate, if memory serves.

Regarding the firmware version, it would be better to figure out the first version number that included the bug fix, as all subsequent firmware versions should likewise include it. Pretty sure that exact version number is already in this thread, but you would be wise to confirm that by Google searching for other confirmation.

On the first of the two screenshots that I posted earlier, there's a list of obsolete BMS versions listed at the bottom. On the second screenshot is what I presume is the oldest firmware version that includes the big fix. But, I am not certain of that.

I would search for that version number, search term:

LeafSpy BMS update forum

Then repeat and change forum to Facebook, then repeat and change Facebook to reddit. Review enough posts that confirm the latest firmware version to satisfy yourself of what to look for.
And as a corollary, LeafSpy will show the actual SOH of the battery, irrespective of SW version on the BMS, correct?

Yes and no. Without the BMS firmware update, the SOH reported will not be honored by Nissan for a battery replacement.

If the BMS firmware is the old version, the only way to know the true capacity is a range test. The firmware update was done to correct a mis-reporting of the SOH by the car.

On my 2017 Leaf, before the firmware update my Leaf reported 92% SOH after 4-5 months. I'm now at 91% SOH after 5+ years with the firmware update. I believe the latter reading since I routinely go 100 miles on a charge.

Bottom line, if the firmware update has been done AND the SOH is low, you have a very good chance of getting a warranty replacement battery. If the firmware update has NOT been done, you will need to do a range test to find the capacity of the battery to either calculate the odds of getting a warranty battery or decide if the SOH is good enough for the price. For a 30kWh battery in normal conditions, I'd say 1 mile/% SOC at 50 mph on flat ground is a sort of base line. Faster speeds, using heat, head winds, hills, stop and go traffic will all affect the range so take those into account. If you can do 20+ miles on a flat highway without stopping and measure the SOC at the beginning and end you should be able to get a rough idea of the SOH of the battery.
Seller syas it's good for 90-102 miles on full charge. For a '16 with 60K miles, that seems pretty good. EPA rating when new was 107 miles...so this sounds like a 11-12 bar vehicle without the BMS update.

Yep, that sounds like a good range for a 2016 30kWh Leaf, as long as it's measured real range (ie using the trip meter) and not what the guess-o-meter (GOM) displays. I've seen my GOM as high as 140 miles or something at 100% SOC and while I suppose that is possible, it's not realistic under normal conditions.