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Dec 20, 2014
I have a 2017 Leaf S. My rear camera stops working. Instead of replacing it, I decided to install a 360 view system that has camera on each side of the car. I have installed the camera at the bottom of the passenger side rear view mirror. I was able to pull the wire from mirror to door. I am trying to bring the wire into cabin through the door wire boot. I can remove it on the door side. But the connector on the cabin side seems to be more than just a robber gasket. Has anybody had experience removing it? Any suggestion about how to remove it will be greatly appreciated.
I figure it out. Push the tab (top arrow) and pull the level to the right and all the way to top (bottom arrow), then the connector is detached. Make sure the door is not fully open. Otherwise it will block the level.


What 360 setup did you get and what were the connectors? I have a 2014 Leaf S with the standard stereo. I am replacing it with an Android head unit that can do 360 via an app (I think). I saw one that natively supported it on Amazon but I can't find it now. Knowing what you got for your NAV stereo would be real helpful.
Thanks in advance!