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Re: "Lizard" battery stats - hot climate

Tue Jul 02, 2019 10:03 am

GerryAZ wrote:I suppose I should contribute to this thread. I saw gradual capacity loss until about 10 months ago (well over 60,000 miles),. Now there appear to be several weak cell pairs getting progressively weaker (based upon Leaf Spy data) which are limiting the energy storage capability of the full battery pack, and thus limiting usable range. The weak cells reach minimum voltage and cause turtle followed by shutdown even though there is a lot of energy left in the remaining cells. The weak cells reach maximum voltage while charging before the other cells so they also limit maximum charge of the pack.

The internal resistance also appears to be increasing over time and that is causing the battery temperature to be significantly higher this summer than during the previous 4 summers. In the past, the battery temperature would gradually cool off during highway driving after a DCQC, but now the temperature increases while driving on the highway. The odometer currently indicates 80813 miles while the car is charging at a DCQC station since I can no longer make my round trip commute without charging. The higher internal resistance and weak cells also limit regeneration and cause slower charging on DCQC.

When it's convenience, consider determining and posting your internal battery resistance as described here;
http://mynissanleaf.com/viewtopic.php?f ... 20#p559503

#1 Leaf SL MY 9/13: 74K miles, 48 Ahrs, 5.2 miles/kWh (average), Hx=70, SOH=78, L2 - 100% > 1000, temp < 95F, (DOD) > 20 Ahrs
#2 Leaf SL MY 12/18: 4.5K miles, 115 Ahrs, 5.5 miles/kWh (average), Hx=98, SOH=99, DOD > 20%, temp < 105F

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Re: "Lizard" battery stats - hot climate

Wed Jul 17, 2019 8:35 am

91040 wrote:The degradation slope of my traction battery is quite smooth when compared to Marktm’s, even when plotted monthly. I live in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles. The battery has ~70k miles on it.

9/28/15 61.14Ahr
10/1/16 62.36 Ahr
10/1/17 57.02 Ahr
10/1/18 54.17 Ahr
7/1/19 51.87 Ahr

Edit: Rescaled the monthly Ahr readings on my chart to match Marktm’s. The slope now resembles his chart more but is still slightly smoother.
My battery is looking similar. I bought my 2012 Leaf 8 months ago so I don't know the previous owners numbers. I estimate the new battery has 24k miles on it after roughly 2 1/2 years. I am also in Los Angeles and previous owner was driving it in San Bernardino, CA.

2/17 - new battery
2/19 - 57.05 Ahr
7/19 - 56.19 Ahr
'12 Leaf SL - Bought used
02/17 - 00.0? Ahr - 32k miles - New battery
02/19 - 57.05 Ahr - 49k miles
11/19 - 52.24 Ahr - 60k miles - 1st bar lost
'17 500-e - Leased, returned | '14 Volt - Leased, returned

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