Comparison: Why I Chose a Nissan Leaf Plus over a Tesla Model 3

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Wish we could find a deal on a Leaf with a 62kWh battery.
I got a 40kw leaf. The short range basically makes it a city/commuter car. It’s good for things like short to medium commutes (20min or so) and picking up the kids from school and shopping and stuff. If you live in a big city it’s fine. Even great (loving that effectivly $1.25/gal fuel cost) what it wont do is go across town 4 times in a day. It will do 3.5 but not 4. This, combined with phase 1 charging (light socket) has occasionally been a not insurmountable problem. A bit of planning though usually works it out though. I found i was able to commute just fine through a real minnesota winter (to except the last which i find bluntly terrifying) complete with -20f days, horfrost, foot high snow drifts, etc.. unless your in som rural community where the city, to which you have to go to regularly, is a half hour away or something you’ll be fine. You even will if you are in that situation, though youll have to plan your trips more carefully.