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Re: Outdoor Domestic charging?

Tue Jul 10, 2018 7:39 am

Hello, Simon. I also park and charge my Leaf outside (not in a garage).

In the USA, the 2018 Nissan Leaf comes with an EVSE (charger cord) which is made to plug into a high-capacity electrical outlet, able to charge the Leaf at 6.6 kilowatts. The EVSE also comes with an adapter which lets the owner plug the cable into a normal American 120 volt home outlet. When using the adapter, the Leaf charges at only 1.44 kilowatts, which we call "trickle charging."

I would guess that in France, the Nissan EVSE comes with a grounded French E-type plug (230 volts, 16 amps). This would charge your Leaf at 3.68 kw, more than twice as fast as what we call "trickle charging." 3.68 kw is fast enough to add about 160 km of driving range, if the Leaf is plugged-in while you sleep each night (for 8 hours).

Because the standard American electrical outlet only provides 40% as much energy as a standard French outlet, many American Leaf owners install a high-capacity electrical outlet at their house, to allow the Nissan EVSE to charge at 5.76 kw or 6.6 kw. We call this "Level-2 charging." Your 3.68 kw E-type outlet is already "Level-2", and is probably fast enough to satisfy your charging needs.

Before you have an electrical outlet added outside for charging, I would recommend that you visit your Nissan dealer, and obtain a photograph of the electrical plug on the charging cable which will come with your Leaf. If you show that photo to the electrician, then the correct outlet can be installed.

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Re: Outdoor Domestic charging?

Mon Nov 19, 2018 5:51 pm

You will want to have a dedicated 240 volt circuit installed on the outside of your house, close to where you park your car.
a small weatherproof plastic electrical box surface mounted is what you need.
A good EVSE designed to be installed outside in the weather and hard wired.. like a Clipper Creek... will serve you well.

Your leaf is best charged from a 240 volt EVSE that will supply the 6.6 kw the charger built into your leaf requires.
Contact Clipper Creek, and they will help you. You will add about 25 miles range per hour of charging, this way.

Trickle charging ( 120 volt outlet) is an emergency method only... terrifically slow ( a few miles range per hour)
and also it wont give you the best battery life.

If you may change to a newer EV in the next few years, be aware that battery sizes are increasing fast,
and so you can anticipate that onboard chargers will get bigger too.

Buying an EVSE with more capability than you need today ( a 40 or 50 amp unit instead of 30) is probably a smart thing to do.
Since you really don't want to have to upsize it later.

Charging at home almost all the time should be your goal.
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Re: Outdoor Domestic charging?

Mon Nov 19, 2018 10:19 pm

Trickle charging ( 120 volt outlet) is an emergency method only... terrifically slow ( a few miles range per hour) and also it wont give you the best battery life.
False, true (it's slow), and false. Please don't post opinion as fact. Many of us, including me, use L-1 charging only at home. It's safe as long as the way it's plugged in is safe, it doesn't harm the battery (I turned in my 2013 SV this year with 12 bars) and while it is slow, having much more capacity with my '18 makes it more practical than before, as I can "bank" more charge/range by charging overnight.
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Re: Outdoor Domestic charging?

Wed Nov 21, 2018 2:17 pm

blimpy wrote:Charging at home almost all the time should be your goal.
Agree with this statement 100%, which means an L2 charger at home if at all possible.
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