12V battery went "bad" after VCM recall?

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2019 LEAF with no issues for last 4 years and I decided to give it a go for latest recall Nissan sent me. Recall R23A6 R23A6 - 2018-2023 Leaf Vcm

So dealer did a SW update overnight (server wasn't available). After that 12V aux battery no longer holding charge. I went back to dealer, they did a test and suggest battery is up for replacement - PERFORMED AVR TEST. BATTERY TEST FAILED. 280CCA/410CCA

Is it common to have battery failed after just 4 years? Sounds very strange to me that it failed immediately after this recall.
Coincidence is not always causality. You might just need a new battery. They might have hit the battery hard enough during the recall, which iirc was a software update, that the thing started acting up then, rather than next week.