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Apr 19, 2024
I enjoy my LEAF and want to continue to drive one. I didn't drive for around 12 years and this was the car I got being back on the road, feels great, I've enjoyed taking care of it and being the height of an 11 year old (I'm age 34) at 5'1, I'm so glad I found a car that fits me.

I just found myself at age 34 but I like to blog live on the X app, and my dream was to be a a stay at home Monetized Vlogger. Getting paid to make videos that get uploaded to social media like YouTube, updating the public of what goes on in my life as I journey through it. I also want to move to Michigan and get a newer LEAF by having my first job knowing myself to afford it with monthly payments while I live in my first place. Wanted to work at a dispensary & hopefully all that is possible on $15/hr and being out of work since September 2012, physically I hope I can get my body to be able to work again.

Shopping for this car was so fun, choosing air fresheners on Walmart app & a hose by auto brand on Walmart app, cars are one of my favorite things.

Photos attached is my car "Lola", and me showing the car seat cover, interior. and part of the back with Uber sticker

I found out about this website from searching about the TPMS tire pressure monitoring system? & If you could use an extension cord to charge the car at home.
I'm up at 2:30 A.M. writing this thread.


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