2015 Leaf breaking problem: Christmas lights, ABS + Traction Control + others

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May 19, 2023
Hello forum,

I have a 2015 Leaf who started acting weird on the last day of 2022. Had the car for a year and was perfect before the event. Always on eco mode and on b mode. Went to a usual route and when I was at the stop sign, wouldn't break. Pressed harder on the pedal and the ABS kicked in and car stopped. Then the christmas tree lit up:
-Red and orange triangles
-Red and orange exclamation point in circle
-Orange tire pressure (I have no sensor on my winter tires so it's normal, running for 2 months like that and everything A-OK)
-Orange ABS in a circle
-Orange traction control (not the traction control OFF one)

Breaked normally after the event, except for 2-3 times with the ABS kicked in, totally randomly. All lights went on and off simultaneously totally randomly for the next two weeks. Then the lights stayed on for good. Sometimes on startup, hear like a motor in the front/right part of the hood, totally randomly.

First week of january I call my local Nissan dealer so he would check it out. Got an appointment 1 month later. Called for an ABS diagnostic and ordered me a new ABS sensor for the rear. Got the part in may, 3 months after my first appointment. Strange thing: 2 days before my second appointment to replace the ABS sensor, my christmas tree was gone. Very strange. I had driven in extreme cold weather before that and it was the first warm days in months.

Then I left the Nissan dealer with no more christmas tree forever! (Been living with that thing for 5 months)....until the ABS kicked in 3 -4 stop signs later. Noooooo..... So I went home and recharged a bit before going back to work. Then the Christmas tree was back, and... when I activaded the cruise control, let the forward pedal go, cruise control turned off and max regen from the breaks kicked in, like 3-4 green bubbles. As soon as I pressed the ''gas'' pedal, the car would go forward as expected but traction control light would flash about 3 times.

So I turned around and got back to the Nissan dealer. The desk-service guy took my car for a spin and told me he almost had 2 rear-end crash because the car had loss of power... Never happenned to me??!? Never before and never since. Maybe he can't drive...

So I've waited another month for my 2 hours of diagnostic appointment due this week. Anyone have a clue of what's going on here? Because my Nissan dealer and I are in the dark.

The Nissan garage may be on something. Found out that the rear right new ABS sensor was reading bad lectures of wheel speed because of the not-so-old bearing. 1 1/2 year ago, when I bought the car from a Honda dealer, it was inspected and the only wrong things were the front brakes, 1 tie rod front right, all wipers and rear right bearing. The Honda dealer got the bearing repared and I got everything else fixed by my local garage for little over 1000$. The Honda dealer must have put a cheap bearing in there because it failed after a year?

When I was at my Nissan dealer yerterday, they did a complete inspection of the car and came up with an estimated 6000$ (with taxes) worth of repairs to do................:
- Rear right bearing 630$
- Rear wiper 20$
- 12v batterie 370$
- Break fluids replacement 160$
- 2 front tabs 1460$
- Alignment 110$
- 2 rear shocks 440$
- rear brakes 570$
- 4 summer tires 790$
- front diff liquid replacement 150$
- coolant liquid replacement 200$

What should I do?

I think to start with the 12v batterie as mentionned in this post, thanks btw! It looks like the car have the original batterie in there so can't hurt to get a new one. Will get one from the local store at around 200$ and install myself.
For the rest, I was thinking of doing the bearing job at Nissan to fix my problem, So far the brakes and cruise control works fine but loss of regenerative breaking (I use the brake pedal more than before) and all the lights in the dash bug me a bit.
Some of those are either profit-generating charges by a dealer, or in cases like the tires there are cheaper options. If the brake fluid was never flushed then that should be done.

What are "front tabs"?

The coolant and differential fluid should be checked and tested. If they aren't original they can wait a while. If they are then you may be able to do them yourself, if you have the skills.
front tabs = suspension control arm:
Link Complete Transmission. Link Complete Transverse.
Suspension component that connects and provides pivotal movement of the Steering Knuckle to the vehicle.