2018 LED Headlight Replacement

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Jan 24, 2024
Hi, New to the form and I have read every thread on headlights.

Here’s the situation. 2018 Leaf SL with LED headlights (with the strip along the top).

The car is giving a “headlight system error”, the headlight doesn’t work and there is moisture visible in the headlight. The dealer wants 3k to fix… this is tragic but normal, it’s in every other thread on this subject.

I’m price sensitive and this seems like an easy job so I purchased an ebay headlight in good condition that was “guaranteed to work”. It arrives, looks great, it matches the other one perfectly even the wiring harness but the problem is when plugged in, it doesn’t work. I disconnect the 12V batter hoping to jog the computer into using the new light. This doesn’t help. I called the dealer up and they said it’s plug and play and the issue is one of two things a) it’s broken or b) It’s an headlight for the wrong trim package. I suppose either could be true but to me it didn’t sound like the guy at the other end off the line even asked a tech the question so I’d like to verify that it’s a plug and play operation and there is no clearing of codes required to make the headlight to function.

Depending on the answer to this question there may be follow up questions as my mind is already drifting toward creating a franken-headlight from the two headlights I currently have.

Thanks in advance
Hi, I was wondering if you have an update on this as my LH Daytime light is on but low and flickers, I through a part could be changed (module) but seems to be incased within the headlight itself so the whole headlamp needs to be replaced. Does this sound right
Yes, they are all-in-one. Worse a new one is $2400 (yes 2 zeroes - I know because I had insurance replace one - it was almost half of the $5200 repair bill). You might find one in a junk yard or from a Leaf being parted out. Incredible a car has almost $5000 in just headlights!