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I have a 23 Tesla & a 23 Leaf S. Tesla does not require any thinking or digging in menus to limit it to daily 80%. Getting other family members to calculate, search, set, etc is hard.
Leaf used to have 80% feature but abandoned it, so how hard would it be to bring it back? Probably easy, but just no motivation as stated above.
Leaf does accept software updates installed by dealer for recalls, so there is an avenue to install updates.
Would you pay for this upgrade to give Nissan motivation? I would up to $250.
Honda is doing a paid software update similar to what Nissan could do. This came out on 1/31/2024.
Hello Everyone, (my first post here ;-) )

I'm wondering, why don't you use EVCC?

That stuff is pretty to look at and full-featured. It comes with vast Hardware-support. (PV-Inverters, Batteries, Wallboxes - of most manufacturers)

I just used that to pump up my Leaf 2. Gen from 20% to 80% today. (so you are seeing 23.7kWh total in purple, below)

(it automatically charges your Car up to 20% if it has less than that, so that the battery doesn't rest below 20%, thats why it started there this morning)

Here is Grafana showing the charging in purple:

Green is what the sun is giving me to work with.

Yellow is what the meter is seeing. (here in Germany, we get like 8 cent for a kWh, but we have to pay 4 times that... so make sure, that the yellow line is above 0! ;-)

Red is what the house is consuming...

Notice, that the charging speed is dynamically reduced, if needed, so that almost only solar power gets used. In total that was a >98% solar-charge in february. Cost: 2€ (about $2) :cool:

Best regards
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There are many ways to go about getting the same results. I have found the car's estimate of time to full charge to be wildly off when trying to use it to get an 80%.
I have it fairly easy, as my car makes the same run with little variation 6 days a week. I found if I put 7.4-7.6 KWH back in every night, that the SOC slowly declines over 6-7 days and finely starts to show less than 100% after 7 days. Each day, however, the GOM decline in miles and the SOC when returning home goes down. At around 9KWH per night, the SOC goes up and the car returns with more charge left. SO I shoot for something around 8KWH for a nightly charge.
I have the option to vary time spent charging ( Charge timer) and max input current. With both of those, I can control what I can put in each night better than some one with a fixed input and only the time can vary.
This is well below the 3hr @6Kwh the dashboard says the car needs.
If you had widely varying usage day to day it would be harder to settle on a charge regimen that would fit the changing use.
For my situation, it works out to either 2hr 10min @ 16 amps or 1hr 40 min@ 20 amps gets me closest to the ideal setting. I have one day a week where the car doesn't charge via the timer. I can use that day for an occasional equalization charge, if I think it needs one.