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Jul 27, 2010
I had my AV unit installed in January shortly before I received my car. It has the longer cord option. The AV L2 has worked perfectly, but last month I was accepted into the EV Project and now have a Blink EVSE installed and had the AV unit removed (so far so good with the Blink). My AV unit now needs a new home. Unfortunately my electrician tossed the original box and the manual, although I do have a copy of the manual printed that I will include. I would prefer to sell to someone in the SF Bay Area that could pick up the unit, rather than to ship. If I can't find a local buyer, shipping would probably be $50 additional depending on where it's going (I'll credit any difference). Please PM me if interested. Thank you. Edit: Unit is Sold.
Just got my email form Nissan to schedule my electrical house review and I'm interested in getting the charger but not at the inflated prices Nissan wants - plus I'm handy with wiring outlets. How much you want for your used charger?
I have one of this for sale; however, I don't have the "New Topic" button.
Do you have to be a forum sponsor to be able to post something for sale?