Battery Downgrade - ZE0 Battery installed in AZEO

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Nov 8, 2023
Dear All,

I am a new member and I have two Nissan Leafs. I have a 2011 ZE0 that I will be upgrading to a gen 2 battery soon. I also have a wrecked 2015 AZE0. The airbag deployed, and the front bodywork was crunched heavily along with the core support. It may be apparent that I am putting the 2015 battery in the 2011, but what I wondering was if I could somehow put the old ZE0 battery in the AZE0, as the battery still has some life left in it. I was thinking of just getting the AZE0 back on the road, if possible. I reached out to Dala and he stated the that 2 port CAN-bridge would not work for a battery downgrade application. Does anyone know if there is a safe way get the AZE0 to talk to the ZE0 battery with some type of CANbus translator or by any other non-invasive method? I would rather not take apart the battery pack. I looked at standalone VCU solutions like Resolve and Thunderstruck, but it does not appear that they will talk to the ZE0 factory BMS. What about putting a newer 2013+ BMS in the ZE0 battery pack? If not, it isn't a big deal? I can just part out the rest of the car and maybe use the ZE0 battery for a backup for my car or for power storage for my home. Thanks so much. I will appreciate any information.