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Jan 23, 2018
I’ve got a 2015 SV with only 75k kilometres on it. Everything SEEMS to be okay with my battery but I do get the feeling I’m not really getting the range indicated after fully charging it. Then I read this article and I’m wondering if it is time to upgrade to a different brand. Reliability is EVERYTHING for us as it’s our only car and we live on an island. So I’m wondering what experiences other LEAF owners of my vintage are having and if LeafSpy is giving me a truly accurate account of my battery health…. Currently at 88.81%
LeafSpy does show an accurate health. If it shows 88.81 SOH, then yes, that's the actual health.

That said, if you have one or more cells that are bad or going bad, you can see sudden drops of your miles remaining. When your car is around 20% SOC, your mv difference in LeafSpy should be <50mv. If it's higher, especially if just one cell is low, you've got a problem.

The GOM (Guess of Miles) is called that for a reason. It's overly optimistic (especially so in the 2011/2012 models), and thus drops really fast--especially when it's cold. Unclear if you're in Canada, but if so, given it's winter, it's likely you're feeling the range pinch.

The article you linked is about the 30kWh batteries. You have a 2015 24kWh battery, and it generally does not have problems. While any part can fail, if you have an 88.8% SOH 2015 24kWh battery, you probably have a solid car. It just doesn't go far. Make sure, if you get new tires, you use Ecopia 422 plus tires--they can increase range 5-10%.

My 2011 with a 2015 warranty replaced battery gets ~40 highway miles in the winter and ~60 highway in the summer. Slowing down drastically increases the range.

What range are you seeing?