Best way to charge an older (2013) Leaf with 4 battery bars left

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May 17, 2024
Portland OR
My 2013's battery is pushing end of life. It only has 4 bars and keeps truckin' along. I will replace the battery, probably with a 40KW, when it is so far gone I can't get to work and back. We have a Juicebox wall charger for our 2020 SV+. What is the best way to charge to elongate the battery life? The Juicebox wall charger with 240v or the 120v one that came with the leaf? I don't mind using 120v because it really doesn't take that long to charge a 4 bar battery, but if the 240v is the same or better for the battery I'll start using that.

Thanks in advance. This forum has been very helpful for me.