Carlos Ghosn ousted over financial misconduct

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Japan Lawyers Who Won Ghosn’s Bail Quit After Client Escapes
Ex-Nissan Boss Carlos Ghosn Says Company Will Go Bankrupt In 2-3 Years
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I'm sure he has a bit of a chip on his shoulder at this point, but even if Nissan was in that kind of financial trouble, I would assume the government of Japan would not be shy about a 'bailout', ala GM in the US. Or maybe he really is just an egotistical a**hat? I have to say I'm glad he is out of Japan but I'm also not a fan at this point.
Do keep in mind he saved Nissan from near bankruptcy in 1999, turned around the company, got rid of their debt and got them to making record profits. See that I pointed to before.
Renault-Nissan should have merged with Fiat Chrysler: Ghosn
cwerdna said:
Renault-Nissan should have merged with Fiat Chrysler: Ghosn

A sinking ship merging with an anchor? Hmmm, does shed light on a possible motive from Nissan. There must be a lot more going on at FCA then I am aware of but then again, I don't really pay attention to the industry other than the affordable end of the EV sector...
Fugitive ex-Nissan Chairman Carlos Ghosn warns foreign CEOs in Japan: ‘You’re playing with your life’
I stumbled across a piece on CNBC but only caught the tail end of it.

Fugitive CEO: The Carlos Ghosn Story

It'll be rerun again on 2/2 but it looks like if you have CNBC on your TV provider, you should be able to watch it on demand, as well.
I finished watching the above piece with very annoying ads and all. Was decent.

I used the CNBC iPad app and there are 3 minute long non-skippable segments which seem to play some of the same ads. :( At least I was able to send it to my TV via AirPlay when I was near my big TV.
Nissan to request Ghosn repay compensation received from Dutch venture - source

Ghosn used Nissan-Mitsubishi venture to inflate pay: lawyers

Ghosn seeks documents in Amsterdam wrongful dismissal case
Renault to seek compensation from fugitive Carlos Ghosn
French automaker shifts gears as full-blown probe into former executive begins
Japan sends official to Lebanon over fugitive Carlos Ghosn
Japan hopes Lebanon gains 'a proper understanding' of its justice system
cwerdna said:
Japan sends official to Lebanon over fugitive Carlos Ghosn
Japan hopes Lebanon gains 'a proper understanding' of its justice system
Japan's justice system:
1) Arrest someone.
2) Charge someone.
3) Keep them in jail until they plead guilty
4) Trial and sentence.

The sad part is that the US justice system can look like this at times. Especially for the poor. Especially for minorities.
Carlos Ghosn: Turkey charges seven over escape from Japan is from May 8

"Morning. Here’s a scoop of a story for you. The Feds this morning arrested Michael and Peter Taylor for their role in smuggling out former Nissan chairman Carlos Ghosn from Japan."
Above has pics of several pages of the complaint and supposed chronology.
Nissan Email Trail Casts New Light on Takedown of Carlos Ghosn
Carlos Ghosn always said he was set up.

Now there’s some evidence to support his claim. According to people familiar with what happened and previously unreported internal correspondence, the campaign by top Nissan Motor Co. executives to dethrone one of the most celebrated leaders in the automotive industry started almost a year before Ghosn’s arrest in late 2018 for alleged financial misconduct.
Not too much new in this video.

However, I didn't know there were plain clothes law enforcement tailing him in Japan.
Heh. Well, he obviously evaded them. Other stories and documentaries/short TV pieces I'd previously seen about his escape didn't mention that aspect.