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New chargers with CCS2 and Chademo are still appearing in the UK; and there is at least one UK company retrofitting CCS2 connectors alongside Chademo on Nissan Leafs and the NV200 vans; I havent got the place bookmarked though - might be Cleverly Motors, near Gloucester.
A lot of the new CHAdeMO chargers in Britain are single units at locations with 2 to 8 CCS2 chargers (typical for Sainsbury supermarkets' Smart Charge brand, for example). Until very recently, Gridserve included at least one Chad at every location, but some of their new places don't. I don't mind planning to stop at a single-charger site, provided there's another, a Plan B, a short distance away in case of queues or technical faults. Just don't include GeniePoint in any such plans: far too many of them are out of order.