Chademo CCS2 Adapter Working on december 2023

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In theory the Leaf has one of the most "rebuildable" pack in use. So Lack of batteries shouldn't be the defining issue that sends one to the scrap pile. There are now aftermarket 40Kwh packs being made. whether the cost will come down to where the owners of 10 year old cars will be willing to buy them, and get another 10 year or more out of the car remains to be seen. Problem is: most people who buy a used Leaf are attracted by the low price, few of them (but I include myself as one of the few) would be willing to put far more than they paid for the car into a new battery. It is a hard nut to crack. If you buy for 6k-8k but a new pack cost $14K how many will make the commitment, and how many will pay another $6K-$8K for newer used Leaf when the time comes the original will no longer meet their needs?
Very rebuildable. I had one open and changed some cells, then balanced the whole pack at 80% SOC. The pack is clearly the end result of a lot of working prototypes at Nissan. The concern I have is rebuilding to the same level of safety or better. The cell chemistry in the early Leafs has been much safer than other 3.7 volt nominal cells. These cells would be a good choice--assuming they are not vapor ware : Calendar Date: January 2024. The final countdown to our full-scale battery production starts now. - Nanotech
For those like me, who reside this side of the Atlantic, it will not work as it is CCS-2 (European CCS) and not CCS-1 like we have here. Hopefully they will make a CCS-1 version if they don't already.
To date I haven't fast charged my used Leaf since I purchased, so in no rush. But it does look like the problem is being addressed.
I've been testing it here in Florida for around 2 months now,only got it working once at a evgo Abb station in Orlando