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May 14, 2024
Williamsburg, VA
Hi Folks,

I believe my 2015 Leaf S has a 3.3KW charger (based on the part number label) but am confused by some of the notations on the display.

My Charging Time display has lines for both 3 KW and 6 KW when I hook my EVSE to 240V, but the times seem to be always identical. They are appropriately less than the 120V line.

Is it normal to have two identical times with a 3 KW charger? My impression was more like the 6KW line wouldn't show up on a 3KW charger.

I'm trying to make sure I can use it before upgrading my EVSE, which is now running at 16A from a dryer circuit.


Welcome, John!

It sounds like you are referring to the Charging Time display shown on the dash screen:
You can read more about it on Page 2-28 of the 2015 Leaf manual.

Yes, depending on the state of charge (SOC) of your battery, you may see the same time displayed for the 6kW and 3kW lines.
So, if your battery SOC is at 90%, then charging it at around 3kW or 6kW will take the same amount of time to get the battery to 100%.
However, if your battery SOC is at 20%, then charging it at around 3kW will take a different (longer) amount of time, when compared to charging it at around 6kW, to get the battery to 100%.
I finally drained my battery down far enough to see a difference between 6 and 3 KW estimates Confirmed; I can charge at the ground-pounding 6KW of power.
I'm working on trying to use a Tesla to J1772 adapter but so far no joy with mine. It appears to charge normally for 2 minutes and then cuts off.