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Aug 31, 2023
A few weeks ago someone stole the 220 charger I had.i received the box back from authorities but the wires coming from the breaker box and the other wire and gun were missing.i was told that I could connect the gun from the factory 110 charger I had to it and it would work fine because the 110 charger was also stolen but the lock kept them from getting the gun and they cut wire and left it.after putting the gun on the 220 charger and connecting to car the car never "clicked"as it normally did when charge would start . car would come on and start and drive until finally completely dead,but will not charge.two days ago i got the rest of my 110 charger back and i tried to put the gun back on it and charge but it wont and it charges a friends leaf thats exact to mine year make and model.ive checked every fuse none blown.but havent went under the cover of top of motor to check anything under.i guess my question is did i possibly blow a fuse under there or trip a relay somewhere.will that gun work on 220 im lost and cant figure out where to go with it from here and my legs are tired....HELP
Welcome. The problem may be that if you ran the car completely "dead" then the main battery isn't accepting a charge for that reason. Please clarify that. Also, are you sure that you were able to properly reconnect the wires..? Finally, the 12 volt battery may well be dead, and may be the only problem here, with luck...
Does the car turn on? If not, check the voltage on the 12 volt battery first, as Leftie said. There is not a "breaker" in there that would needed to be reset. But if the 12 volt battery is dead, the car is not going to be able to start charging from your repaired 110 volt charger. Fingers crossed.

Edit: Is it possible the car was charging when the cable was vandalized? At this point, you should probably just contact a repair person or the dealer. Reminds me of when we all had to get locking gas caps during the 70s.