CleanTechnica: The State of CCS DC Fast Charging

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Mar 6, 2011
This article appears to be written in support of the Tesla plug as a national standard instead of or in addition to CCS when it comes to fast DC charging. Despite the apparent agenda and charger types which are really not relevant to CHAdeMO enabled car owners, I thought it useful to post here since it emphasizes the importance of location and charging speeds when gauging network utility and value. This graphic of the CCS network is informative. The X-axis is kW (sort of) ** and the Y axis is number of plugs.


Using the same 'US corridor' category and a 100+ kW threshold, the supercharger network is at about 16,000 in N.A. Even before considering issues of reliability, user interface, and availability, the Tesla network advantage over CCS is pretty glaring, and shows why a simple count of fast charger plugs is quite misleading

It is also worth pointing out that 200 Amp/500V DC chargers are in the 100+ kW CCS group although that is a debatable inclusion since they provide up to ~ 72 - 80 kW in practice. For comparison, and if my arithmetic is correct, the pre-2018 Superchargers are ~ 300 Amps power shared between every two stalls. A break-down by Max Amps would be more informative and show the CCS network even further behind since only somewhere in the range of 3,000 CCS stations of the headline 18,000 CCS anything/anywhere are real 100+ kW delivered and located for inter-urban service.

** It is actually (I think) V*A, but power delivery voltage is determined by the car battery pack. So E.g., a 500V rated charger will deliver in the range of 360V - 400V to a 96S Lithium pack made from 3.6V nominal cells.
Elon Musk could have made the standard open during or before 2012, and might have gotten a lot of buy in. CCS was in committee and might never have gotten out.

Why didn't he?

Need a hint?