Clunk when accellerating after braking

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Feb 7, 2014
2012 Leaf SL
141,000 miles

I had a problem when driving my Leaf, where after braking and then accelerating again there would be a very noticeable clunk, thunk (or thump) from underneath the car. I found play in the CV joints so I replaced both of them, which made the clunk even louder. The clunk only happened when accelerating and is no worse in turns.

Ultimately I found the REAR MOTOR MOUNT was quite deteriorated, the rubber split in two places. Replacing the motor mount totally solved the clunk. It also fixed a pulsating braking problem, as the motor was probably twisting, causing it to fight the brakes (which still have their original pads).
It was very common when the first gen 1’s were new that you’d hear a pop sound from the front when you accelerated. My drivers side axel was replaced under warranty for the issue. Then issue returned six month later. It became fainter over time however. Its been gone for years now. Clearly a broken motor mount is a far worse issue.
As an aside, when I was in college I drove a 67 Camaro RS/SS. That car eat engine mounts like they were snacks. When it snapped an engine mount you couldn’t shift the transmission because the whole drive train rolled to the right pinning the shifter against the console.
I remember, in the late Seventies, replacing an engine mount on my Uncle's Buick 440 (?) Wildcat. The job would have been easier were the car not sitting in a dirt parking lot, on the side of a hill and tilted at about a 25 degree angle. Still, I was a teenager, and had yet to learn that some jobs are best left to professionals. I don't remember having any trouble with the job. I do remember that that big V-8 engine would try to levitate right up out of the engine bay when revved.
@rrip Thank you for pointing this issue out. My 2017 Leaf has a "clunk" just as you describe, and I strongly suspect the motor mount. Are you able to share more about the difficulty of doing this repair yourself, or how much it cost at the dealer? Or was it covered under any sort of warranty? Thank you
I would be very interested in the cost and difficulty of this repair. I don't mind having a go at doing it myself but sometimes vehicle manufacturers make what should be an easy task unexpectedly and unnecessarily difficult. So it would be good to know more details. ;)