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New member
Jun 14, 2018
Hello all,

newbie non owner here.

I'm trying to get a decent 30Kwh with limited miles on the clock and I am thinking of getting DAB radio.
Although I can't work out which models of which years have it!?

Any ideas on how to work that out?

I've noticed old models have written FM/AM on what is now the RADIO button. is that a telltale sign?

thank you very much,
Hello there,

Are you located in Europe? If so, while of course you are welcome here, note that this forum is primarily visited by US and Canadian Leaf owners/prior owners/prospective customers, so you may not get an answer unless one of the few European members speaks up.

Looking up "DAB radio" it appears to be something you find in Europe, as well as the Middle East and eastern Asia. We do have our own form of digital radio, actually two: "HD Radio" which is terrestrial and free, and SiriusXM satellite radio which is by subscription only. All Leafs sold in the US (not sure about Canada) have SiriusXM capability. I know my 2012 didn't have HD Radio capability, not sure about later models, and radios which do have it will generally have the HD Radio logo somewhere on the face or display: