disconnect battery while away 3 months?

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Nov 8, 2023
New Leaf owner (2019 SL), and wondering best practices for long term holiday. Car will sit idle in driveway for 3 months. Am I right in thinking that there is a small 12 V battery that is specifically for the starter? And that perhaps I can either disconnect or put a small solar panel outside to keep it charged? Any advice welcome. THANKS.
Welcome. Yes, there is a starting type 12 volt battery in the Leaf, along with most other EVs. If there is an outlet nearby, your best option is to connect a 12 volt external battery maintainer, leaving the battery installed in the car and connected.
Just as important: leave the traction battery ~50% charged. Not sure I would leave my car outside (unattended) for 3 months, but it is what it is.
It doesn't have a starter. It doesn't need to crank anything. But it does use the 12 volt system for control. Nothing works without it.

My daughter got a notebook sized solar panel that plugs into the car (not a Leaf). I found that there was leakage when it was dark that was more than the charging when it was light. It would help if it were oriented optimally, but in her case it was not as good as nothing.

A plug in battery tender is a good idea.
Please review my recommendations in the other thread. The 12V power socket in the dash of the LEAF is not active unless the car is on so plugging a solar panel battery maintainer into it will have no effect.
The car will charge the 12 volt battery every 24 hours, my car sat on the dealers lot for 1 year. 12 volt battery is still original.

Just charge the traction battery to 60% and leave it alone....JMHO
Most Leafs will behave as Gerry and Learjet have described, but there are a few that chronically undercharge their 12 volt batteries. That is why I suggested an external battery maintainer. If an outlet is available, then I still suggest that. If not, then follow the above advice.