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EVgo revenue beats analyst expectations as private-label charging business booms
"EVgo’s second-quarter revenue beat expectations, and the company lost less money than expected.
More drivers are using EVgo’s chargers and they’re using more electricity per charge, the company said.
Revenue from EVgo’s private-label business, providing chargers to other companies, has surged in 2023."
I came across a coming soon EVgo site not on Plugshare yet so I added it.

It had 4 Delta DC FCs (2 each of 2 different models) and all 4 were dual handle CCS. There were 0 CHAdeMO handles. The site wasn't up and running yet.

It also had a solar-powered camera monitoring tower (apparently from https://www.lvt.com/hardware/solar-security-cameras) and I got an audible automated announcement telling me that I'm trespassing and that I've been recorded. It was the daytime but a bright spotlight also was on and then shut off. It's just at the back of a parking lot, closest to a busy expressway. There was no fence nor signage saying "do not enter" or anything.

It isn't that far from a WMT that had both its dual handle BTC Fatboy DC FCs removed completely, leaving no charging there at all. Those units were 1 CCS and 1 CHAdeMO each and they'd bolted on a CHAdeMO to Tesla adapter on each.
Charged at a down town Chicago evgo site yesterday. 4 stalls all with the dual handle units that can charge on both the ccs and chademo at the same time. There was a line, with lots of Bolts and a couple other cars..but as only the Leaf could use the other side of the charger, I could pull sideways up and charge while.the 4 units were in use.

That said you can really feel the proliferation of evs.
And as I found out yesterday, if you're not on an EVgo plan, pricing has more than doubled from June 2023 when I last charged. For 38.75kWh I was charged just shy of $30! I worked out approximations for the gas that would buy and the distance that would equal and it's about double the price of an ICE for the distance. It was peak time and it didn't change as I charged into non-peak time. Even so that would have only saved $3-$4.

Even on an EVgo plan, EVgo is not very cost effective. It was nice to charge from 72kW down to 62kW, it's fast, but I had the time if that's why it's so pricey now.

Pricing is one problem EV owners will face being in a completely captive market.