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Mar 16, 2024
I'm a new owner of a 2019 SL Plus, it's my first EV, and I'm on a learning curve. I live in North Texas, Dallas. What apps do you find most useful for locating charging stations, especially for road trips? There are dozens in the play store, it's a lot to sort through.

I'll be using a level 2 charger in my apartment complex on the chargepoint network for home charging. I have about a 250 mile road trip south of Austin to make in a few weeks and I'll have to l3 fast charge the car.


I find the Plugshare app most useful for finding charging stations. It's one of the most popular apps used and you'll see mentioned often in this forum.
For using the stations (e.g., ChargePoint, EVGo, Electrify America, etc.), and as a backup to finding them, I also have each charging station's app installed on my phone.

For long road trip planning, Plugshare works fine, but I find the ABRP (A Better Routeplanner) app works best.
I start with plugshare & ABRP to see where the stations are, then use each network's app to validate the stations are online.

Plugshare seems to have more helpful comments from users.

ABRP has elevation data for the route, but probably not an issue here.